Monday, November 24, 2008

More about Serbia

I have lots to tell you about my recent trip to Serbia... One of the most impressive things that I noticed last week was the dedication and expertise of the local birders and conservationists that I met. Really good folks who made me very welcome and took me to some special wildlife habitats. Nothing was too much trouble for them. And some of them told me that they were very pleased to see me there as they felt that many "western" birders (and even conservation organisations) neglect or even ignore them. Nevertheless, there is lots going on, but funding is scarce and outside help often lacking. One exception was at the Lake Ludas reserve (Ludasko Jezero) near Subotica, where an EU funded cross-border cooperation between Serbia and Hungary is working well. There is a brand new visitor centre there and board-walks, information boards, nature trails and hides are being implemented so that visitors (local birders, foreign visitors and school children) can get closer to the masses of wetland species that breed or pass through the reserve.

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