Saturday, March 15, 2008

The sun is out... the frogs are croaking

That is all it needed, spring to really arrive, the temperature to rise a touch and the sun to shine, and here they are! The frogs (and the other amphibians, the toads and newts) are on the move. Here in this photo is a very common one, and a noisy one, too, Edible Frog Rana kl esculenta. Now this is an interesting case... It isn't a true species, it is a hybridogenetic form, hence the "kl" for "klepto" in its scientific name. It is a creature which results from inter-breeding between two true species, Marsh Frog Rana ridibunda and Pool Frog Rana lessonae. And though it is called "Edible" it is not unique in being edible either...

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