Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Now if there is ONE animal that I would really like to see it's the Wolverine Gulo gulo. This fantastic carnivore, a member of the Mustelidae family (weasel, martens, polecats, badgers and the like) is something of a mystery even to those who live and work in the boreal and Arctic regions where is lives. I have heard that some researchers in Canada, people who spend almost every day in Wolverine habitat see "one a year". But I am working on this! I am in contact with experts in the wilds of Finland who regularly see Wolverines and we are going to organise a short trip for a few keen folks there next year. This photo of a Wolverine was taken by Reino Turunen who is author of the book "Karjalani, Carelia, My Carelia", at Erä Eero's Wildlife Lodge in Lieska, Finland, April 2007.

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