Sunday, November 15, 2009

Serbia Trip

I am now getting ready for a short birding trip with some folks from the UK to Serbia. To be precise in the north-east in the Banat region. We will look for all kinds of resident and winter birds in the open country there, such as goose flocks, Saker, Great Bustard, Common Cranes and Syrian Woodpecker, but the highlight will probably be in some villages where there are large roosts of Long-eared Owls. In parks, yards and cemeteries there 100s can often be seen together, the average roost has 50 birds, many are 250 birds strong and some number over 400. Just look at the droppings and pellets below the trees in this photo! The roosts develop in October and numbers build up before the owls leave around March. This species will not be "new" for any of us, no, it is the numbers are are impressive and the photographic opportunities are superb. Watch this space!

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