Sunday, March 14, 2010

Attack of the Woodpeckers

I have been getting a fair bit of correspondence about a problem concerning woodpeckers. Folks in Hungary are now discussing what to do with woodpeckers that attack their wooden weekend houses, building insulation and other structures. A building company here has asked for help in stopping woodies from knocking holes in buildings that are not even finished. Compensation from the ministry of environment has even been mentioned as woodpeckers are protected species and cannot be harmed. It is a debate that is on-going in the USA in particular. Even NASA has been involved. Why do they do it? We still don't really know, but most attacks are probably linked to foraging. What to do ? Well, prevention. The woodies are not going to stop. Netting, fake raptors, paint and wood-filler that puts them off... all sorts of products are out there.

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