Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monkey Washing Food

We took a boat-trip through coastal mangroves in Malaysia. This Crab-eating Macaque (aka Long-tailed Macaque) and his gang came out to the water's edge and washed food items before eating them. 


BimBim said...

Neglect a factor in Queen's Hospital pregnant mother death
Tebussum Ali, also known as Sareena Ali Tebussum Ali died in January after suffering a ruptured womb
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Neglect was a factor in the death of a pregnant woman at an east London hospital, a coroner has ruled.

Tebussum Ali died at Queen's Hospital in Romford in January.

Waltham Forest Coroner's Court heard a mask attached to her face during a resuscitation attempt was not connected to an oxygen cylinder.

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BimBim said...

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