Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birding with Liverpudlians

That was another great trip, 4 days with a group of birding friends from Liverpool (Reds and Blues and some not bothered) in Hungary. Highlights were Great Bustards, Sakers, all 3 'marsh terns' on the same wetland, ducks and waders galore, Golden Orioles perched in the open, and a host of woodpeckers including a pair of Syrians at the nest. All great fun like...   


Rob said...

Thanks for a great trip Ged, already started reading Woodpeckers of Europe. :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, as we say in the ‘pool ‘It was Boss’
Great leader, Great Company, Great lodgings in a wondrous rural hideaway.

Personal highlights – too many really- Dazzling Golden Orioles, splendorous Penduline and Bearded Tits. Gobsmaking Black Woodpecker, snazzy Redstarts, jazzy Rollers and Bee eaters, magnificent Falcons and Harriers impressive Great Bustards & Storks and striking black and white winged Terns.
I have to mention the crazy, cacophonous Tree and Marsh Frogs, what a racket!
And 'Stargazing with Menzie'! Dark skies, a myriad of stars, planets and shooting stars, amazing.
Thanks for a memorable trip Ged and the PAlinka!

Liverpool RSPB’S Peckers and Liszters.

Gerard Gorman said...

It was MY pleasure... great birds, great company !