Friday, November 2, 2007

Red-breasted Goose

Another tour completed, and did my 4x4 come in useful ? You bet it did. We managed to get off-road and slide our way round the farmlands and fish-ponds of the Hortobagy, saving miles of muddy walking, and we did NOT get stuck! Just took the vehicle through the car-wash and they were NOT that happy! The rewards were Sakers, Eastern Imperial Eagles, White-tailed Eagles, Rough-legged Buzzards and lots of geese. The highlight of the week for Tony and Bob from the UK, was a superb White-backed Woodpecker at close range, after a lot of searching. For me, it was my first Red-breasted Goose of the autumn, swimming along with Greylags (which dwarfed it) at 200 yards range. This attractive little goose is now being spotted around the country, in small numbers.

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