Friday, November 21, 2008

In Serbia

I am having a great time in Serbia. I have visited some superb sites and seen some very good birds. So far I have been to Lakes Palic, Ludas, and Rusanda, the huge wetland reserve of Carska Bara (3 White-tailed Eagles and 5000+ Greater White-fronted Geese here), seen 16 Great Bustards (a really rare bird here) near the Romanian border and been taken to several MASSIVE Long-eared Owl roosts (that is, over 100 birds in each... more on that later!). Today we explored the Vrsac Hills (but we got rained off). I am VERY impressed with the local birders I have met, they are totally devoted to protecting the special birds and wildlife habitats that Serbia has. I have promised myself that I am going to coorperate with and support these dedicated people in the coming months and years. More later...

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