Saturday, January 10, 2009

Already Planning Ahead

It's always best to plan ahead, especially as regards birding tours. Indeed I am already being asked by some of you folks to announce the destinations for tours in 2010, though we have not got this year up and running yet. Ok, here goes, though this is not the final selection:
South Moravia (Czech Rep) February: Geese, Raptors, Wallcreeper & Valtice Wine Festival !
Estonia in March: Owls, Grouse, Woodpeckers & Steller's Eiders !
Serbia in May: An exciting new destination... spring Balkan Bird !
Romania in August: Classic summer tour to the Danube Delta !
This photo of Scops Owl by my friend Milan Ruzic is just a taste of what can bee seen in Serbia in spring.

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