Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Slovenia visit

I made a quick visit to Slovenia, it's just to the south-west of Hungary, but very different. That's another thing I like to do in my "quiet" season, I head off to check out sites, old and new. Slovenia is one of Europe's smallest countries but it's great for wildlife as it nestles in a zone where the Alps, Carpathians, Dinaric Mountains and the Adriatic Sea more or less meet. It has a wide range of landscapes but above all it is Alpine with the Kamniske-Savinjske Alps, the Karavanke Mountains and the Julian Alps all having peaks over 2000m high. It's these limestone and dolomite ranges with their forests, pastures, meadows, ridges, glacial lakes and waterfalls that I like the most. The weather was a bit bleak recently but it was "refreshing" if you know what I mean. A few Festive Season cobwebs were blown away...

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