Monday, February 8, 2010

Curry... and more curry

One of the nice surprises on our trip to Goa state in India was the food. It was good. You see, we had been warned about the hazards of eating and drinking there. So we played it safe and ate only well cooked food and drank only bottled drinks. We avoided the salads, which were fresh and looked good but they may have been washed in local water so we resisted. It is the water that often contains the problems. We had curry, mostly vegetable, occasionally chicken, twice a day, every day, with rice, cooked by two girls from the nearby village. The dishes were authentic and good and not as spicy-hot as we thought they might be. We had no tummy-troubles at all. So, it seems some of the advice we got was alarmist, I mean if you are sensible you can eat the real local produce and stay on your feet.

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