Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Biggest Twitch

Well, after writing my monograph on Black Woodpecker in the summer (it lies at the publisher being designed and edited) I now have a little time for reading... before the batch of tours I have to guide. A book I have just finished reading was written by two friends of mine, Alan Davies and Ruth Miller. THE BIGGEST TWITCH tells the story of how they went round the world to see as many birds as possible in one year. In doing so they beat the existing world record after seeing over 4000 species! It is full of adventures and told with some wit (Ruth) and humour (Alan?). Sorry Alan! Anyway, I promise that it is a great read for all birders and for all those who travel in search of birds. It is published by Helm (A&C Black), London.

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Rick said...

Eager to read it--and doubly eager to read the woodpecker book! I hope they're out and available by the time we get to Hungary next August.