Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Southern Poland

So now it is off to Poland again! This time to the south, around the lovely old city of Krakow, where I will be guiding a group of naturalists from the UK. We will explore some great forests for woodpeckers and fishponds for migrating wildfowl and waders. And no trip to Poland's forests is complete without a scattering of fungi and now, in September, there will most likely be loads, of all shapes, sizes and colours... edible and unedible!


Rick said...

I love Cracow--spent the winter of, what was it, 95-96 there, and got to do very little birding, but what a city.

Gerard Gorman said...

Yep, it is a great base for birding S-SE Poland... by the way, I STILL need that Arizona Woody!