Friday, December 14, 2007

Black Woodpecker... anytime

I have read and also heard said, that Black Woodpeckers are shy birds, that they are wary of humankind and that they cannot abide disturbance. This is not my experience at all. They can be hard to find sometimes, I mean, they are forest birds, wild birds, but I would say that Black Woodpeckers are, if anything, one of the more tolerant woodpeckers. Indeed, they are significantly more confiding than, for example, Green Woodpecker. Just today, I took a stroll in the Buda Hills and, after hearing some heavy hacking in the woods, made a few imitations of woodpecker calls. And within a minute in flew a Black Woodpecker. It was certainly curious, not at all shy. At this time of year a typical Black Woodpecker day is composed of foraging, feeding, resting, preening and roosting. Overall, the main daytime activity is foraging, with birds looking for food for around 50% of daylight hours. But this one, a male, had time to check out who was about. Once he had done that, he was off, back to his hacking.

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