Monday, December 17, 2007

Winter, Wallcreepers, Woodies

There is light snow in Budapest and other cities and a bit more on higher ground. All the to-be-expected winter birds are also here in Hungary now. A couple of Wallcreepers are dotted about (they use stone quarries, castle and fort walls and sometimes large buildings in towns) and Red-breasted Geese keep being found, not in large numbers, just a few mixed in with other geese. Long-eared Owls are in several sizable roosts, often huddled in pines, in parks, even in Budapest. The woods are mainly silent except for the tapping of feeding woodpeckers, but with little foliage on the trees they are often easy to track down and observe. All in all, it is rather mild and I wonder whether that is why so few birds are coming to my bird-table seed...

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