Sunday, December 9, 2007

A foggy day

I took a nice Italian couple out today... as well as their 11 month old daughter. That was new record for me, i.e. the youngest person I have ever taken birding (she was no trouble at all, either). First stop was the northern part of the Kiskunsag and a search for Great Bustards. It looked bad, cold and a bit foggy, but before 10 am we were watching a group of 17 big males, some even strutting their stuff as if it were spring. Later, a mile further on, we saw another 10 or so. Then we headed for a Long-eared Owl roost, finding about 20 birds huddled in some pines. Then it was back to Budapest and a change of habitat, the woods of the Buda Hills. But there was thick fog up there, and it got colder. Somehow we located a Black Woodpecker and after a bit of walking, calling and bumping into several dog-walkers and joggers who appeared from out of the pea-soup, at least two Middle Spotted Woodpeckers.

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