Wednesday, April 2, 2008

2 birds of prey

Now that is the kind of success I like... yesterday I collected two birders from the UK from Bp airport and headed east. They had particuarly requested to see Saker and Eastern Imperial Eagle, two birds of prey they had never seen before. Around an hour east from the airport we made our first stop, at a site where the eagle often obliges. And soon, there it was, an adult Eastern Imperial Eagle, soaring, showing it large white shoulder patches, a little distant but 'tickable'. And then a large falcon shot by, a large powerful bird... Saker. I scoped around and spotted a second Saker perched on a pylon. So, success, the two requested raptors sorted. So, as the lady said 'what do we do now ?'. Well, the answer is, we will go and find more, and try to get even better views of these two former targets and see what else we turn up.

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