Sunday, April 27, 2008

Highlights from Croatia

I am now back from 2 weeks in Croatia. Highlights included: BIRDS: Pygmy Cormorants (which seem to be increasing there), Rock Partridges, Alpine Choughs (at low elevations), a Griffon Vulture (rare thesedays in Croatia), a superb singing Ortolan Bunting and displaying Eastern Orphean Warblers. REPTILES: Glass Lizards, Dalmatian Algyroides and Hermann's Tortoise. AMPHIBIANS: Agile Frogs and Agile Frogs. BUTTERFLIES: Dalmatian Ringlets (an endemic species) and lots of Southern Festoons. SIGHTS: the old towns of Skradin, Zadar and Trogir. The waterfalls along the River Krka. Views across the Adriatic from the peaks of the Velebit Mountains. DOWNSIDE: The Bura, a strong, cold wind that blasts the Adriatic coast from time to time and which blew on some days. Scops Owls right outside our hotels, keeping us awake at night with their calls!

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