Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fine day in the Kiskunsag

I took 2 friends from County Kerry, Ireland, around the north of the Kiskunsag yesterday. An hour from their hotel by the Danube in Budapest and we were looking at a flock of 18 Great Bustards. Gill was the first to spot them and Ian took his time to study them at 5-x mag in my scope. A lifer for both. We later watched a lek with some hug males showing off and also saw several in flight. There were also White Storks on nests, tons of Marsh Harriers displaying, masses of Great White Egrets, wildfowl like Ferruginous Duck and Garganey, waders, including parties of colourful Ruff and loads of Corn Bunting and other birds which I learned are now scarce in Ireland. We even had time to fit in a real country Magyar gulyas (goulash). On the non-bird front we saw a Souslik and the mounds created by the blind, subterranean Mole-Rat (see photo).

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