Friday, March 30, 2007

I think I sometimes take it for granted. I mean, with a tiny bit of effort, like driving 15 minutes up into the hills, I can see Black Woodpecker ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. I have at least two pairs staked out in the Buda Hills (there are several more, but I just haven't had time this spring to check them). They are using beech trees, hacking out their large oval holes, getting ready to breed. I say "taking it for granted" because it is not at all unusual for folks in the UK to ask me "if I know any sites for Black Woodpecker?" or "I need Black Woodpecker, what's the chances of seeing one?" Well, the "chances" are very good, nothing ever guaranteed, of course, because we are dealing with a wild bird here. But I am fairly confident that anyone visiting Budapest who wants me to find them one of these magnificent forest carpenters, the largest European woodpecker species, will not be disappointed.

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