Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring & Autumn Birding Tours

I am now getting ready ready for the spring season. I will soon be in Croatia with two groups and then back in Hungary for the May season, later I will be in Bulgaria. It is going to be a busy time, but I will try to keep this blog up-dated with sightings, events and maybe even photos. I have a private trip in Hungary schedued for 2 - 9 May, and if anyone fancies joining that we can take one or two at this late stage. We will be looking for all kinds of goodies - Great Bustard, Saker, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Ural Owl, Aquatic Warbler etc etc etc. Click this link to get an idea of what we will be doing:
If you need time to plan and decide where you are going birding, then consider coming to Hungary in autumn for the Common Crane migration. From October 14 - 21. We see Great Bustards and the raptors then, too, as well as wildfowl and waders:
Wherever you go this spring... Good birding. I have this feeling it is going to be a bumper year.

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