Saturday, March 3, 2007

No whine about the wine

We sampled a glass or two of cabernet sauvignon yesterday from the village of Noszvaj on the southern slopes of the Bukk hills. I say "sampled" but actually, we finished off the bottle... as they say "a bird never flew on one wing". The wine in question was a gift from Eva Thummerer... her father is one of Hungary's very best vinters. I often go in the Thummerer cellar after a hard day's birding in the Bukk hills, there's a Black Woodpecker nesthole not far away and Serins, Black Redstarts and Tree Sparrows right by the cellar. On one occasion I met a Green Toad on the way in... on the way out we usually see much more !!! I have taken Finns, Swedes, Americans and English in this cellar and all have enjoyed the wine, the snacks and the short tour we do. I had kept this wine safe at home for two years as Eva said it would be better after "a rest". She was right.

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